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Berkey Water Filter

Berkey water filter system is so powerful that it is classified as purifier. It is the best purifier for home because it is the only certifiable gravity flow water purification system. It removes 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria, virus and cysts.


Why berkey water filter is your best water purifier for home


  • Guarantees safest water

Testing and research have proved that berkey water filter system removed pathogenic bacteria, viruses, cysts to untraceable levels. It also reduces deadly metals found in underground water like mercury and lead without removing essential minerals important to the body.

It does not use any chemicals to remove this harmful substances instead it uses a unique adsorption process together with microfiltration. These two methods create an unpenetrateble pore structure so minute that pollutants and viruses are removed from the water because it is impossible to pass through.

  • Our good reputation

Over the numerous years we have proven to be reliable at bringing to the markets water filter systems that can be used everywhere in the world. Berkey water filter systems are recommended for any home as it utilizes almost every natural water source.

It can turn water from wells, rivers, lakes into the best tasting and purest drinking water. So it is suitable for everyone. Almost all world relief organizations use berkey filters to purify water for their workers and people in affected areas.

  • It is economical

The water filtration elements in our systems are removable and cleanable. The black berkey replacement cartridge provides an economical, dependable and powerful solution to poor water quality.

Each black berkey can produce 3000 gallons of purified drinking water without the need for replacement. The big berkey for instant comes with two filters which translate to 6000 gallons of water. A family of four drinks 2-4 gallons water everyday.

By doing simple calculations it means you have 4 years of drinking the purest water for 1.7 cents per gallon without need of replacing the filter.

  • Dependable technology

The technology used to purify water handles the most minute contaminants, viruses, lethal metals so you can be assured the drinking water in your home is safe. Berkey water filter system uses a foolproof method to ensure water from any source is turned pure.

The pore structure of its filter system is so microscopic that even the smallest organisms cannot find a space to pass through. Add the absorption method which adds an ionic charge to repel contaminants that would otherwise penetrate the filtrating system and you are assured of clean water always.

These abilities are made such that they do not diminish with time. They stay for the lifetime of the filter. All you have to do is remove the filter and clean it and it is as good as new.

  • Flexibility/Portability

Berkey water filters systems can be used by everyone and everywhere. It can be used to filter tapped water or river water. It can be used for small families or for refugee camps in Africa.

They have filters for everyone. Portable berkey filters can be used to filter unhealthy non-portable water situations where there is no electricity and pressure.

  • Variety

They have a range of water filter system to choose from whether it is for a small family or huge organizations. They are designed with these guidelines in mind; how many people will use the water? How are you going to use the water? Is it for an emergency or everyday use?


Some of their most popular models include;

1. Big berkey

It is the most popular and versatile model. It can be used anywhere it’s a multipurpose model that can serve a family or a relatively large group, It can also be used for domestic purposes or for emergency.

2. Travel berkey

It is the most portable and compact model of the berkey water filters. It’s meant for small families and is ideal for travels or outdoor activities. Whether it is camping or cruising it will ensure you have purified water throughout.It does not take much space so it is also

suitable for apartments and trailer homes.

3. Berkey light

It is an economical alternative to the big berkey. It’s made of translucent material that lets you check the level of water. The material that makes it is almost durable and it will serve your home for a long time and still give you tasty purified water.

4. Imperial berkey

It is a high output model ideal for large families and groups.

5. Crown berkey

The largest model available. It is suitable for large groups of people, churches, hospitals, refugee camps.

6. Royal berkey

This model is suitable for larger families and groups.

What to consider before choosing the best water purifier for home


This will be determined by the amount of litres your family consumes. So choose a filter system that will cater for all your family thirst and other domestic consumption.


You must choose something you can afford as seen above we have a range of models suitable for everyone’s pocket. Our filters are also durable and thus do not need regular replacement.

Holding capacity

The bigger the holding capacity the more reserve it has. If you want to have pure drinking water always at all times in your home choose a berkey filter system with a large holding capacity.


Is it for regular use or travel reasons. Get one that serves all your purpose to save money and storage system. The travel berkey is suitable for all purposes.


How fast the water filtred.This is ensures you are never in shortage of drinking water at any time. The number of filters will also determine the quickness several berkey models have a number of filters.

Berkey water filter shipping policies

  • It guarantees a full refund of purchase price if the merchandise is returned within 30 days with the Return Merchandise Authorization.
  • We give a warrant of 6 months after a 30 day trial period to all products including units, part and accessories
  • Customers who register during purchase time are provided a lifetime replacement policy. If the container fails anytime without human interference we will promptly replace the container you will only be required to cover the shipping costs.
  • We offer free shipping for order above$ 50 if it is within United States.
  • We offer absolute privacy and safety. All online transactions are conducted on a secure server verified by McAfee.Your information is never divulged to anybody. We are not responsible of any linked sites to our website we have not endorsed any linked sited so associate with them at your own risk.

Berkey filter systems are the best water purifier for home. They value their customers and the reviews for their products and customer care service is good.

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